1987 British Columbia Provincial Little League® Tournament Results
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British Columbia Provincial Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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British Columbia Provincial Tournament
Host - Nechako (Prince George) (District 4)
At Joe Martin Field

Participating Teams
District 1 Champions Little Mountain (Vancouver)
District 2 Champions Gordon Head (Victoria)
District 3 Champions Whalley (Surrey)
District 4 Champions Prince George East
District 5 Champions North Vancouver Central
District 6 Champions Victoria Drive (Vancouver)
District 7 Champions Stuart Channel (Chemainus)
District 8 Champions Cranbrook
Host Team Nechako (Prince George)

NOTE: Cranbrook finished as the runner-up to Trail in the District 8 tournament, but advanced as the district's representative in the provincial tournament due to Trail's role as the host for the 1987 Canadian Region tournament. Trail advanced directly to the region tournament as the host district representative.

Tournament Results:

Opening Round:
Nechako 17, Cranbrook 3

Winner's Bracket Quarterfinals:
Victoria Drive 5, North Vancouver Central 1
Stuart Channel 5, Gordon Head 2
Prince George East 7, Little Mountain 5
Nechako 4, Whalley 0

Elimination Bracket - Round 1 (nine teams remain):
Gordon Head 3, North Vancouver Central 2 (elim.)
Little Mountain 13, Cranbrook 7 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Semifinals:
Stuart Channel 5, Victoria Drive 0
Nechako 4, Prince George East 3 (7 innings)

Elimination Bracket - Round 2 (seven teams remain):
Gordon Head 6, Whalley 5 (elim.)
Victoria Drive 6, Little Mountain 5 (elim.)

Elimination Bracket Quarterfinal (five teams remain):
Victoria Drive 6, Gordon Head 5 (elim.)

Elimination Bracket Semifinal (four teams remain):
Victoria Drive 7, Prince George East 6 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Final:
Stuart Channel 15, Nechako 3

Elimination Bracket Final (three teams remain):
Victoria Drive 7, Nechako 4 (elim.)

Championship Game:
Stuart Channel 10, Victoria Drive 0 (TITLE)

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