2000 British Columbia Provincial Little League® Tournament Results
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British Columbia Provincial Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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British Columbia Provincial Tournament
Host - North Langley (District 3)

Participating Teams
District 1 Champions Little Mountain (Vancouver)
District 2 Champions Gordon Head (Victoria)
District 3 Champions White Rock South Surrey
District 4 Champions Prince George East
District 5 Champions Forest Hills (North Vancouver)
District 6 Champions Trout Lake (Vancouver)
District 7 Champions Central Saanich
District 8 Champions Trail
Host League North Langley

Tournament Results:

Opening Round:
Little Mountain 2, Gordon Head 0

Winner's Bracket Quarterfinals:
Forest Hills 6, White Rock South Surrey 5
Trout Lake 4, Central Saanich 2
North Langley 13, Little Mountain 0
Trail 10, Prince George East 0

Elimination Bracket - Round 1 (nine teams remain):
White Rock South Surrey 7, Gordon Head 6 (elim.)

Elimination Bracket - Round 2 (eight teams remain):
Central Saanich 9, White Rock South Surrey 6 (elim.)
Prince George East 7, Little Mountain 1 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Semifinals:
Trout Lake 3, Forest Hills 2
North Langley 5, Trail 0

Elimination Bracket Quarterfinals (six teams remain):
Central Saanich 4, Trail 3 (elim.)
Prince George East 5, Forest Hills 4 (elim.)

Elimination Bracket Semifinals (four teams remain):
Prince George East 11, Central Saanich 3 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Final:
North Langley 11, Trout Lake 3

Elimination Bracket Final (three teams remain):
Prince George East 4, Trout Lake 3

Championship Game:
North Langley 14, Prince George East 0 (4 innings; TITLE)

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