2006 British Columbia Provincial Little League® Tournament Results
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British Columbia Provincial Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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British Columbia Provincial Tournament
Host - West Vancouver (District 5)
At Chris Zuehlke Park

Participating Teams
District 1 Champions Dunbar (Vancouver)
District 3 Champions Coquitlam
District 4 Champions Prince George
District 5 Champions Forest Hills (North Vancouver)
District 6 Champions Hastings Community (Vancouver)
District 7 Champions Hampton (Victoria)
Host League West Vancouver

Note - West Vancouver earned the host league berth in the provincial tournament by finishing in first place during the round-robin portion of that district's tournament. Forest Hills then won a playoff between the next four-highest finishing leagues to earn the berth as the District 5 representative.

The British Columbia Provincial Tournament used a round-robin format. After preliminary round competition, the top four teams advanced to the tournament's second phase.

Tournament Results:

Day 1 (Friday, July 21):
Forest Hills 9, Dunbar 8
Hastings Community 15, Hampton 0
West Vancouver 12, Prince George 2

Day 2 (Saturday, July 22):
Coquitlam 10, Hampton 5
Dunbar 11, Hastings Community 0
West Vancouver 7, Forest Hills 5

Day 3 (Sunday, July 23):
Forest Hills 17, Prince George 7
Coquitlam 19, Dunbar 14
West Vancouver 12, Hastings Community 7

Day 4 (Monday, July 24):
Dunbar 10, Hampton 3
Hastings Community 19, Prince George 6
West Vancouver 5, Coquitlam 3

Day 5 (Tuesday, July 25):
Hastings Community 6, Forest Hills 5
Coquitlam 10, Prince George 0
West Vancouver 9, Hampton 4

Day 6 (Wednesday, July 26):
Hampton 6, Prince George 4
Forest Hills 9, Coquitlam 8
Dunbar 11, West Vancouver 3

Day 7 (Thursday, July 27):
Coquitlam 6, Hastings Community 5
Dunbar 13, Prince George 1
Hampton 7, Forest Hills 6




West Vancouver 5 1 32
Coquitlam 4 2 38
Dunbar 4 2 35
Hastings Community 3 3 40
Forest Hills 3 3 43
Hampton 2 4 54
Prince George 0 6 77

The top four teams advance to the provincial finals.

Ties are broken based on records in head-to-head competition among tied teams. If a clear winner cannot be determined from head-to-head results, the tie is broken by calculating the ratio of runs allowed to defensive innings played for all teams involved in the tie. The team with the lowest runs-per-defensive-inning ratio advances.

In the event of a tie involving three or more teams, once the initial tie is broken, the remaining tied teams are again compared on head-to-head record to determine if a clear winner can be identified. If no clear winner can be identified from head-to-head results among the remaining tied teams, the runs-per-defensive-inning ratio is again used. This process is repeated until all ties have been broken.

British Columbia Provincial Tournament Finals

Winner's Bracket Final:
Coquitlam 11, West Vancouver 5

Elimination Bracket Semifinal (four teams remain):
Dunbar 17, Hastings Community 7 (elim.)

Elimination Bracket Final (three teams remain):
West Vancouver 7, Dunbar 3 (elim.)

Championship Game:
Coquitlam 7, West Vancouver 0 (TITLE)

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