1991 Little League® Baseball Canadian Region Tournament Historical Results

Canadian Region Tournament

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Canadian Region Tournament
Host - Layritz LL; Victoria, British Columbia
At Layritz Park

Participating Teams
British Columbia Champions
Maritime Province Champions
Ontario Champions
Quebec Champions
Prairie Provincial Champions
Host Team
Glace Bay (NS)
Stoney Creek
Edmonton (AB)
Victoria (BC)
Whalley LL
Glace Bay LL
Optimist LL
Valleyfield LL
Confederation Park LL
Layritz LL

NOTE: The Canadian Region Tournament uses a round-robin format. After preliminary round competition, the top two teams advance to the championship game. In the event of a tie, no tiebreaking formula is used; instead, knock-out game(s) are played to determine the two finalists.

Canadian Region Tournament Results:

Round 1:
Victoria Layritz (BC) 6, Valleyfield (QC) 3
Glace Bay (NS) 7, Stoney Creek Optimists (ON) 0
Whalley (BC) 7, Edmonton Confederation Park (AB) 0

Round 2:
Glace Bay (NS) 7, Valleyfield (QC) 2
Edmonton Confederation Park (AB) 4, Victoria Layritz (BC) 1
Whalley (BC) 7, Stoney Creek Optimists (ON) 6

Round 3:
Glace Bay (NS) 1, Victoria Layritz (BC) 0
Stoney Creek Optimists (ON) 15, Edmonton Confederation Park (AB) 2
Whalley (BC) 6, Valleyfield (QC) 4

Round 4:
Victoria Layritz (BC) 10, Whalley (BC) 0
Stoney Creek Optimists (ON) 8, Valleyfield (QC) 4
Edmonton Confederation Park (AB) 9, Glace Bay (NS) 0

Round 5:
Glace Bay (NS) 5, Whalley (BC) 2
Valleyfield (QC) 10, Edmonton Confederation Park (AB) 1
Stoney Creek Optimists (ON) 14, Victoria Layritz (BC) 2

Final Standings


Glace Bay (NS)41
Whalley (BC)32
Stoney Creek Optimists (ON)32
Edmonton Confederation Park (AB)23
Victoria Layritz (BC)23
Valleyfield (QC)14

Tiebreaker Game:

Stoney Creek Optimists (ON) 5, Whalley (BC) 3

Canadian Region Tournament Championship Game:

Glace Bay (NS) 6, Stoney Creek Optimists (ON) 0 (TITLE)


More details on this tournament will be posted at a later date.


  Championship Game 123456 RHE
Stoney Creek Optimists 000000021
Glace Bay 004020660

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