Canadian Region Champions in the 1980s

A diverse group of leagues won Canadian championships in the 1980s. Leagues that won titles came from large cities and small towns; from both English and French Canada; from past champions and first-time regional qualifiers; from western and eastern provinces; and from cities on the U.S. border and towns in Northern Canada.

By the decade's end, Trail had won its third and fourth Canadian titles, while Valleyfield won its seventh and Glace Bay claimed its first two. The 1988 Glace Bay squad became the first host league ever to win the Canadian Region tournament.

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Canadian Region Champions of the 1980s

1989 - High Park LL (Toronto, ON)
1988 - Glace Bay LL (Glace Bay, NS)
1987 - Glace Bay LL (Glace Bay, NS)
1986 - Valleyfield LL (Valleyfield, QC)
1985 - Glanbrook LL (Binbrook, ON)
1984 - Coquitlam LL (Coquitlam, BC)
1983 - Sher-Mont LL (Sherbrooke, QC)
1982 - Rouyn Rotary LL (Rouyn, QC)
1981 - Trail LL (Trail, BC)
1980 - Trail LL (Trail, BC)

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