2000 Little League® Baseball Canadian Region Provincial Tournament Results

Canadian Region Provincial Tournament Results

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British Columbia Provincial Tournament
Host - North Langley (District 3)

Participating Teams
District 1 Champions
District 2 Champions
District 3 Champions
District 4 Champions
District 5 Champions
District 6 Champions
District 7 Champions
District 8 Champions
Host Team

Vancouver Little Mountain
Victoria Gordon Head
White Rock-South Surrey
Prince George East
Forest Hills (North Vancouver)
Vancouver Trout Lake
Central Saanich
North Langley

Tournament Results:

Opening Round:
Vancouver Little Mountain 2, Victoria Gordon Head 0

Winner's Bracket Quarterfinals:
Forest Hills 6, White Rock-South Surrey 5
Vancouver Trout Lake 4, Central Saanich 2
North Langley 13, Vancouver Little Mountain 0
Trail 10, Prince George East 0

Loser's Bracket - Round 1 (nine teams remain):
White Rock-South Surrey 7, Victoria Gordon Head 6 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket - Round 2 (eight teams remain):
Central Saanich 9, White Rock-South Surrey 6 (elim.)
Prince George East 7, Vancouver Little Mountain 1 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Semifinals:
Vancouver Trout Lake 3, Forest Hills 2
North Langley 5, Trail 0

Loser's Bracket Quarterfinals (six teams remain):
Central Saanich 4, Trail 3 (elim.)
Prince George East 5, Forest Hills 4 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket Semifinals (four teams remain):
Prince George East 11, Central Saanich 3 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Finals:
North Langley 11, Vancouver Trout Lake 3

Loser's Bracket Finals (three teams remain):
Prince George East 4, Vancouver Trout Lake 3 (elim.)

Championship Game:
North Langley 14, Prince George East 0 (4 innings; TITLE)

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Maritime Provinces Divisional Tournament
Host - Saint John, New Brunswick

Participating Teams
New Brunswick District 1 Champions
Nova Scotia District 1 Champions

Kennebecasis Valley (Rothesay)
Glace Bay

Tournament Results:

Best-of-Three Series:
Kennebecasis Valley 3, Glace Bay 2
Kennebecasis Valley 2, Glace Bay 1 (TITLE)

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Ontario Provincial Tournament
Host - Timmins LaRonde (District 4)

Participating Teams
District 1 Champions
District 2 Champions
District 3 Champions
District 6 Champions
District 7 Champions
Host Team

Toronto High Park
Thunder Bay Westfort International
Brockville Legion
Timmins LaRonde

NOTE: The Ontario Provincial Tournament used a round-robin format in 2000. After preliminary round competition, the top two teams advanced to the championship game. In the event of a tie, no tiebreaking formula would be used; instead, knock-out game(s) would be played to determine the two finalists.

District 5 did not send a representative to the tournament because of its role as the host of the 2000 Canadian Region Tournament.

Tournament Results:

Round 1:
Timmins LaRonde 1, Pembroke 0
Toronto High Park 11, Brockville Legion 0
Thunder Bay Westfort International 7, Prescott-Russell 2

Round 2:
Toronto High Park 10, Thunder Bay Westfort International 3
Prescott-Russell 12, Pembroke 2
Timmins Laronde 13, Brockville Legion 0

Round 3:
Brockville Legion 3, Thunder Bay Westfort International 2
Toronto High Park 10, Pembroke 0
Timmins LaRonde 7, Prescott-Russell 2

Round 4:
Toronto High Park versus Prescott-Russell (postponed - rain)
Brockville Legion versus Pembroke (postponed - rain)
Timmins LaRonde versus Thunder Bay Westfort International (postponed - rain)

Round 5:
Brockville Legion 4, Prescott-Russell 3
Thunder Bay Westfort International d. Pembroke
Toronto High Park 8, Timmins LaRonde 3

Round 4 (Make-Up Games):
Toronto High Park 13, Prescott-Russell 2
Brockville Legion 3, Pembroke 1
Timmins LaRonde d. Thunder Bay Westfort International



Toronto High Park50
Timmins LaRonde41
Brockville Legion32
Westfort International23

Championship Game
Toronto High Park 2, Timmins LaRonde 0 (TITLE)

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Prairie Provinces Divisional Tournament
Host - Continental LL; Calgary, Alberta (District 8)
At Foothills LL Park

Pool 'A' Participants
Alberta District 2 Champions
Alberta District 4 Champions
Alberta District 6 Champions
Saskatchewan District 1 Champions

Edmonton Millwoods
Medicine Hat
Fort McMurray
North Regina

Pool 'B' Participants
Alberta District 1 Champions
Alberta District 3 Champions
Alberta District 8 Champions
Host Team

Lethbridge Southwest
Calgary North West
Calgary Fish Creek
Calgary Continental

NOTE: The Prairie Provinces Divisional Tournament used a pool-play format in 2000. The eight participating teams were divided into two separate four-team draws. After round-robin pool competition, the top two teams in each pool advanced to single-elimination semifinal and championship round games.

Tournament Results:

Round 1:
Edmonton Millwoods 7, Fort McMurray 1
Calgary Fish Creek 8, Lethbridge Southwest 2
North Regina 11, Medicine Hat 6
Calgary North West 27, Calgary Continental 0

Round 2:
Edmonton Millwoods 9, North Regina 2
Fort McMurray 5, Medicine Hat 4
Calgary Fish Creek 6, Calgary Continental 3
Calgary North West 10, Lethbridge Southwest 1

Round 3:
North Regina 5, Fort McMurray 2
Calgary Fish Creek 11, Calgary North West 9
Medicine Hat 12, Edmonton Millwoods 10
Lethbridge Southwest 16, Calgary Continental 0

Pool 'A' Standings


Edmonton Millwoods21
North Regina21
Fort McMurray12
Medicine Hat12

Pool 'B' Standings


Calgary Fish Creek30
Calgary North West21
Lethbridge Southwest12
Calgary Continental03

Semifinal Round
North Regina 7, Calgary Fish Creek 6
Edmonton Millwoods 11, Calgary North West 4

Championship Game
North Regina 14, Edmonton Millwoods 4 (5 innings; TITLE)

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