2009 Connecticut State Little League® Tournament Results
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Connecticut State Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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Connecticut State Tournament
Host - Springdale (Stamford) (District 1)

Participating Teams
Section 1 Champions Wallingford (District 5)
Section 2 Champions Glastonbury National (District 7)

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Best 2-of-3 Series:

Glastonbury National 11, Wallingford 10 (7 innings)
Wallingford 16, Glastonbury National 2 (4 innings)
Glastonbury National 11, Wallingford 1 (TITLE)


Near triple plays, a mercy rule-shortened loss, and a mercy rule-shortened win: it's an unusual formula, but for Glastonbury National Little League, the ingredients added up to a Connecticut state championship. Nate Mandell's bat led Glastonbury into the deciding game at the Connecticut state tournament, and Matt Del Mastro's bat and arm helped finish it.

Del Mastro hit two homeruns in a nine-run first inning and allowed only five hits to give Glastonbury an 11-1 victory over Wallingford in the deciding game of the Connecticut state championship series at Stamford Springdale Little League's field.

"It feels amazing," Del Mastro said. "It's probably one of the best feelings in the world."

This best-of-three series proved that Little Leaguers have short attention spans. A back-and-forth heartbreaking 11-10 loss by Wallingford in the opener was followed by a 16-2 thrashing of Glastonbury in game two.

Glastonbury bounced back to win big in game three though possibly through the aid of their manager, Chris Murphy, who gave his team a simple message prior to the championship deciding game.

"I told them that it was an old-fashioned butt-kicking and we're not going to play like that again," said the Glastonbury manager.

The series' opening game set the back-and-forth tone of the series. Glastonbury led 3-2 after one inning, but Wallingford erased that deficit when John Amendola, Jr. followed an RBI fielder's choice with a three-run homer to give his team a 6-3 advantage. The lead didn't last long as Glastonbury's Mandell swung away on a 3-0 count, and drilled a grand slam over the centerfield wall.

Down 10-7 in the fifth, Wallingford battled back to score two runs without recording a single hit. In the sixth, Mandell struck out a couple of the Wallingford big bats, but hit Ted Duarte with a pitch with the bases loaded to push across the tying run.

In the seventh, Glastonbury loaded the bases with no outs when third baseman Colin Ahern backhanded a Mark Wiedemer line drive and fired to first base to double up the runner. While Wallingford went for the triple play at second base, Alec Graham tagged up from third base and scampered home with the deciding run.

Wallingford manager John Amendola, Sr. questioned the call at second base, where the umpire ruled that Joe Murphy had gotten back to the base and therefore needed to be tagged out rather than forced out.

Said Amendola Sr., "I was not watching the runners on second and third. He threw over to first for the double play. When I looked up, the kid was off second. Our shortstop went to the bag, we throw it to him, (and) I think he's out. The umpire says he didn't tag him, I can't say if he's right or wrong, I didn't see the play happen. Maybe the umpire was watching it, maybe he wasn't. I really don't know. He made the call."

Despite that play being a key turning point in the state championship series, Glastonbury's Nate Mandell's bat was the story of the team's run to the New England regional semifinals. Including his team's five games in the New England Region tournament and dating back to Glastonbury's walk-off win in the Section 2 championship game, Mandell had ten home runs in his final nine games as a Little League baseball player.

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2009 Connecticut District Champions and Sectional Tournament Results:

District Champions
in Section 1
District Champions
in Section 2
D1 - North Stamford
D2 - Trumbull American
D3 - George J. Hummel (Seymour)
D4 - Hamden Fathers
D5 - Wallingford

Section 1 Tournament
Host - North End (Bridgeport) (District 2)
At Blackham School Fields

Tournament Results:

3 - Wallingford 7, North Stamford 0
4 - Hamden Fathers 10, George J. Hummel 0 (5 innings)
1 - Wallingford 3, George J. Hummel 0
2 - Trumbull American 9, North Stamford 7
5 - North Stamford 10, George J. Hummel 0
6 - Hamden 7, Trumbull American 0
7 - Hamden Fathers 14, North Stamford 4
8 - Wallingford 11, Trumbull American 1 (4 innings)
9 - Trumbull American 4, George J. Hummel 3 (8 innings)
10 - Hamden Fathers 10, Wallingford 0



Hamden Fathers 4 0
Wallingford 3 1
Trumbull American 2 2
North Stamford 1 3
George J. Hummel 0 4

The top two teams advance to the championship game. Standard Little League Baseball tiebreaking rules apply.

Section 1 Championship Game(Thursday, July 30)

Wallingford 6, Hamden Fathers 5 (7 innings; TITLE)

D6 - Avon
D7 - Glastonbury National
D8 - Ellington
D9 - Guilford
D10 - East Lyme
D11 - Norwich

Section 2 Tournament
Host - Manchester (District 8)

Tournament Results:

1 - Avon 11, Norwich 0 (4 innings)
2 - Glastonbury National 5, Guilford 2
3 - East Lyme 1, Ellington 0
4 - Glastonbury National 5, Avon 4
5 - Ellington 10, Norwich 7
6 - East Lyme 3, Guilford 1
7 - Avon 16, Guilford 1 (5 innings)
8 - East Lyme 12, Norwich 1 (4 innings)
9 - Ellington 9, Glastonbury National 1
13 - Avon 10, East Lyme 7 (7 innings)
14 - Glastonbury National 10, Norwich 4
15 - Ellington 4, Guilford 0
10 - Ellington 1, Avon 0
11 - Guilford 7, Norwich 2
12 - Glastonbury National 10, East Lyme 5



Ellington 4 1
Glastonbury National 4 1
Avon 3 2
East Lyme 3 2
Guilford 1 4
Norwich 0 5

The top two teams advance to the championship game. Standard Little League Baseball tiebreaking rules apply.

Section 2 Championship Game (Thursday, July 30)
At Dettore Field; Northwest Park

Glastonbury National 7, Ellington 6 (9 innings; TITLE)

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