Hawaii State Champions in the 1970s

Kailua leagues claimed three state titles in the 1970s, and Kaneohe leagues added two more. Frequent qualifiers -- but one-time winners in the 1970s -- from Wahiawa American and Pearl City made back-to-back World Series appearances in 1971 and 1972. Both leagues reached the World Series semifinals before falling to Taiwanese leagues that went on to win championship games.

The East Hawaii Kiwanis became the first Big Island-based Hawaiian champions since Hilo American in 1961.

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State Champions of the 1970s

1979 - Kailua American
1978 - Kailua National
1977 - East Hawaii Kiwanis (Hilo)
1976 - Pearl City
1975 - Kailua American
1974 - Pacific Palisades
1973 - Kaneohe National
1972 - Pearl City
1971 - Wahiawa American
1970 - Kaneohe

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