Oregon State Champions in the 1960s

State champions during the 1960s came from all corners of the state. Six Portland-area leagues won titles, as did Ontario from the East, Jefferson County from the eastern edge of the Cascades, and Klamath Falls South Suburban from the South.

South Suburban became the state's first two-time winner with crowns in 1965 and 1969.

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Oregon State Champions of the 1960s

1969 - Klamath Falls South Suburban
1968 - Rocky Butte (Portland)
1967 - Mount Sylvania (Portland)
1966 - Rose City (Portland)
1965 - Klamath Falls South Suburban
1964 - Jefferson County (Madras)
1963 - Riverside (Portland)
1962 - Ontario
1961 - Oregon Trail (Portland)
1960 - Sunrise (Portland)

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