1997 Little League® Baseball West Region Tournament Historical Results

West Region Tournament

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West Region Tournament
Host - West Region Headquarters; San Bernardino, California
At Al Houghton Stadium

Pool A Participants
Alaska State Champions
Idaho State Champions
Montana State Champions
No. Calif. Divisional Champions
Utah State Champions
Washington State Champions
Wyoming State Champions
East Boise
St. George
Abbott-O-Rabbit Nat. LL
American LL
Billings Heights Nat. Blue LL
National LL
Dixie LL
Auburn LL
Laramie LL
Pool B Participants
Arizona State Champions
Colorado State Champions
Hawaii State Champions
Nevada State Champions
New Mexico State Champions
Oregon State Champions
So. Calif. Divisional Champions
Grand Junction
Mission Viejo
American LL
Grand Mesa LL
Kaimuki LL
Carson Valley LL
Eastdale LL
National LL
South Mission Viejo LL

NOTE: The West Region Tournament was organized into two separate double-elimination draws. The winners of these two pools advanced to a winner-take-all championship game.

Tournament Results:

Bracket 1

Winner's Bracket - Round 1:
St. George Dixie (UT) 4, Laramie (WY) 3
Sunnyvale National (NoCal) 3, Auburn (WA) 2 (7 innings)
East Boise American (ID) 4, Billings Heights National Blue (MT) 2

Winner's Bracket Semifinals:
St. George Dixie (UT) 9, Anchorage Abbott-O-Rabbit National (AK) 7
Sunnyvale National (NoCal) 10, East Boise American (ID) 1

Loser's Bracket - Round 1 (seven teams remain):
Auburn (WA) 7, Billings Heights National Blue (MT) 1 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket - Round 2 (six teams remain):
Anchorage Abbott-O-Rabbit National (AK) 5, Auburn (WA) 3 (elim.)
Laramie (WY) 5, East Boise American (ID) 4 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket Semifinals (four teams remain):
Laramie (WY) 9, Anchorage Abbott-O-Rabbit National (AK) 5 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Finals:
Sunnyvale National (NoCal) 3, St. George Dixie (UT) 0

Loser's Bracket Finals (three teams remain):
Laramie (WY) 8, St. George Dixie (UT) 3 (elim.)

Pool A Championship Game:
Sunnyvale National (NoCal) 5, Laramie (WY) 1 (TITLE)

Bracket 2

Winner's Bracket - Round 1:
South Mission Viejo (SoCal) 11, Albuquerque Eastdale (NM) 1
Gresham National (OR) 8, Honolulu Kaimuki (HI) 3
Minden-Gardnersville Carson Valley (NV) 4, Grand Junction Grand Mesa (CO) 2

Winner's Bracket Semifinals:
South Mission Viejo (SoCal) 4, Tucson American (AZ) 1
Gresham National (OR) 8, Minden-Gardnersville Carson Valley (NV) 1

Loser's Bracket - Round 1 (seven teams remain):
Grand Junction Grand Mesa (CO) 11, Honolulu Kaimuki (HI) 3 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket - Round 2 (six teams remain):
Grand Junction Grand Mesa (CO) 3, Tucson American (AZ) 2 (elim.)
Minden-Gardnersville Carson Valley (NV) 10, Albuquerque Eastdale (NM) 4 (elim.)

Loser's Bracket Semifinals (four teams remain):
Minden-Gardnersville Carson Valley (NV) 2, Grand Junction Grand Mesa (CO) 1 (elim.)

Winner's Bracket Finals:
South Mission Viejo (SoCal) 3, Gresham National (OR) 0

Loser's Bracket Finals (three teams remain):
Gresham National (OR) 19, Minden-Gardnersville Carson Valley (NV) 9 (elim.)

Pool B Championship Game:
South Mission Viejo (SoCal) 11, Gresham National (OR) 1 (TITLE)

West Region Championship Game

South Mission Viejo (SoCal) 2, Sunnyvale National (NoCal) 1 (TITLE)


More details on this tournament will be posted soon.

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