2008 District of Columbia Little League® Tournament Results
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District of Columbia Championship Tournament
Major Baseball Division

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District of Columbia Tournament
Host - Senators
At Fort Lincoln Baseball Complex

In Little League divisions other than the major baseball level, all Washington D.C. leagues compete in Maryland District 3, and advance through the Maryland tournament structure. In the major baseball division, the winner of the District 3 tournament (which encompasses only District of Columbia leagues) advances directly to the Mid-Atlantic Region tournament.

Tournament Results:

Opening Round:
Satchel Paige 6, Senators 0 (forfeit; rules violation reverses Senators win)

Winner's Bracket Semifinals:
Northwest Washington 23, Ward 7/8 National 0 (4 innings)
Capitol City 20, Satchel Paige 0 (4 innings)

Elimination Bracket Quarterfinals (five teams remain):
Ward 7/8 National 6, Senators 0 (forfeit, Senators withdraw from the tournament; elim.)

Winner's Bracket Finals:
Capitol City 13, Northwest Washington 0

Elimination Bracket Semifinals (four teams remain):
Ward 7/8 National 17, Satchel Paige 7 (elim.)

Elimination Bracket Finals (three teams remain):
Northwest Washington d. Ward 7/8 National (elim.)

Championship Game:
Capitol City 14, Northwest Washington 7 (TITLE)

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Toward the past

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